Friday, June 11, 2010

WOW... another Woodland Party!

WOW!!! I am so happy I found this. I actually stumbled on this party design when I saw
One Charming Party tweet about an adorable photo shoot she did with Nicole Hill Gerulet. Of course I had to go check it out... precious BTW!!! So, I started scooting around
Nicole's blog, a little sussy and I found this! A fabulous photo shoot by
Nicole of a company called ACME Party Box's upcoming party lines .

This little hedgehog makes me giggle... of course he immediately
party set featuring a precious little hedgehog just like this!


I have always LOVED these little mason jars...

I adore this fabric...  

I can not wait to see everything the ACME Party Box has to offer when
their shop opens up in just a short few weeks.

Check out Paper and Pigtails little hedgehog featured in their Woodland Friends Party Line.



  1. where did you find those mason jars? and did you make those popcorn containers?

  2. I too love those jars and popcorn containers. How cute are they? Lovely party

  3. I love THIS--GREAT FIND--thanks for sharing!!

  4. How adorable! I will have to go check out that blog for sure.

  5. this party is so adorable! thanks for sharing:) i love the setting and the cute chairs and the punched out shape on the top of the jar lid..i wonder how she did that??

  6. Another inquiry for the mason jars, where can I get them I need them next weekend for a western party. HELP PLEASE!!!

  7. Thanks all! You can get the popcorn boxes in Paper and Pigtails Etsy shop. You can find the Daisy Cutout Metal lids for the mason jars online at

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I saw Acme Party Boxes at the Sunset Magazine Celebration, they had the cutest stand there...

  9. I don´t speak english...I am brazilian...but...I love your party! Beautiful! Congratulations!

  10. love this. This is one of the best party styling I have seen.


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