Tuesday, June 22, 2010

STUNNING. UNIQUE... Oh So Shabby Chic!


Stunning. Unique. Perfection. Beautiful.

That doesn't even begin to describe this "Lemonade and Sunshine" party
designed by Jess at Pen N' Paperflowers.  I was in love from the first photo I saw and then the details of this perfectly styled soiree continued to blow me away as a kept reading.
I have a place in my heart for all things shabby chic and
 this made me love it that much more!

Here are a few of my most favorite details, the tin cans, the empty bottles
dangling from tree branches, precious favor buckets and coordinating lollies.


These precious lemonade sugar cookies were the perfect touch.

These are the kind of details that remind me how much I love what I do....
an old bird bath used to display frozen 
lemon sugar cookie ice cream & strawberry/lemon swirled italian ice.
And a Pink Cake made to perfection.

There are so many more details to catch over at Pen N' Paperflowers.
This party made me smile and makes me grateful for all the amazing
and talented artists out there that inspire me everyday.

Thanks Jess for letting me share your stunning party...
 Your daughters are very lucky to have the opportunity to learn
 from such a amazingly talented women.


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