Monday, June 14, 2010

ACME Party Box Grand Opening

Remember the Woodland Party Design from ACME Party Box I was so thrilled to show you?
Well, I am even more thrill to announce ACME Party Box GRAND OPENING!

You have to go check out all the awesome and
completely unique party decor they have waiting for you!
ACME Party Box Company delivers hip and easy eco-responsible parties to your door.
How can you not love that?

ACME offers Party Packages complete with letterpress invitations, linens, favors, tableware and centerpieces! They also offer custom party design for kids, adults and corporate events.


The incredibly unique kids party designs are perfect down to every detail...
and you all know how much I LOVE detail!

 They have all the most popular themes right now... Circus, Woodland and a collection they call Kingdom, which is much like the dragon theme that I know is so popular for the boys

Now this is my favorite part!
As much as I like kids parties... I LOVE a party just for us grown ups!
 Take a look at their at few of their Grown Up Party collections!

I adore this fabric in their Wedding Shower Collection.

The color combo in their Baby Shower Collection is one of my favorite combinations.

I am very excited for ACME Party Box and all they have to offer, so head over to their shop and

Kathy, I wish you the best of luck with ACME Party Box. Your designs are Perfection!


  1. I love the tablecloth with the pop-pom ribbon! Might have to try that for the upcoming carnival party!

  2. Great introduction to a wonderfully unique business! I love the chic modern designs!

  3. OK...I must have been buried under a rock...I just found you thanks to my girl Christi over at P is for Party blogroll. You are amazing - Love your site!!


  4. Michelle, Well... I am SO glad you found me! I have been following you for a while... thank you so much for the sweet words!


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