Friday, July 30, 2010

Silly Little Toy Story Party

So, I was totally not planning on posting this silly little party I had... but my mother in law told me that she was going to sign into facebook as a fake user and keep asking to see the photos. HILARIOUS! So, I decided to go ahead and post about...

 "Alyssa's Toy Story Big Girl Goes to Bed by Herself Party"

I laugh everytime I say it because what kid gets a party for going to bed like a big girl?...
only the daughter of a party planner! I think it turned out cute for a last minute party filled with items from the walmart party section!

What would a party be without Blumeboxes?
This time I used them as mini cake stands!

She couldn't have been more excited to tell her friends that she was 
 now a big girl that went to bed all by herself! I LOVE that little face!


  1. Love this idea! We're having some, issues if you will, with getting our 3 year old to stay in her bed all night. We've tried just about everything...maybe it's time to try a party! Thanks!

  2. soooo cool! Cole loved looking at the pictures of this party! Like many kids in America these days, he LOVES Toy Story!!!!!

  3. She is so stinkin' Cute!!
    And as long as you never utter the words,"items from the walmart party section", again, no one gets hurt. ;D

  4. Such a cute party and little girl!! :)

    Love the outfit!!

  5. Oh love this! And no worries I am planning my 4 year old daughter's favourite toy's first birthday on Sunday (it happens to be a soft toy cow so I figured it goes well with the theme of National Swiss Day which we will celebrate on the 1 Aug - the joys of being a party shop owner's child:). Anything to keep me sane during the long summer holiday!

  6. What a cutie! And, what a great party idea! In my opinion, it's good to celebrate even the small accomplishments. You've created a wonderful memory for your daughter, and I bet she'll remember this event for a long time.

  7. Definitely something worth celebrating...just look at that sweet little face! She is so proud of herself!!! I think it's great that you turned it into a celebration honoring her accomplishment.

  8. I loved it! It was cute, colorful, and she loved all the character stuff! Yes most of the stuff came from Walmart but you added your own little touches and made it special!

  9. Thanks everyone! Nothing makes me happied than seeing my baby girls smile.

  10. Ok, that is adorable. One of those things she will remember forever!

  11. cute! we are having a woody and jessie party later this month! my daughter also wears woody costume jammies! :)


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