Friday, April 15, 2011

{REAL PARTY} Strawberry Shortcake Birthday

One more quick post before I go MIA for another little while! *WINK*
Here are a few photos from my daughter's 4th birthday party.
I am not huge on character birthday party but she had been planning
her Strawberry Shortcake Party since her "Pink Party" last year!

 You can find this adorable and SUPER easy


Sweet Skewers by the one and only
Always a hugh hit with the kiddos!

All paper party supplies ordered from Birthday in a Box.
And this sad little cake was decorated by Publix... LOL...
I was very dissappointed but it was too last minute to do anything about it. 
I just had to laugh about it! 

More ADORABLE cookies by my favorite baker...

Her perfect little outfit is from the "Burst of Spring" line from Gymboree.


  1. OMGosh sooo adorable! Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is so sweet, I am right with you on the character theme parties but you pulled it together perfectly! So fun to see that you got your sweet skewers from Sweets Indeed. They are cute and delish!

  3. So glad to see Strawberry Shortcake is alive & well. You pulled off such a cute party for your adorable little one!

  4. i love it, so pretty and fantastic

  5. Very sweet party! Glad to see you are posting again, we miss you!

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  8. What a wonderful Strawberry Shortcake Party ! Lindsey, everything is so pretty, specially your little girl, Does she come up with any idea for her next birthday? I think she is a great party planner^_^

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  13. You have a very colorful theme for strawberry shortcake. I know my daughter will really like this idea if I am gonna show this theme party to her. She loves pinks and this is what she wants on her 7th b-day party. Hope everything goes fine on that occasion.

    Victoria -->>

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  19. wow...beautiful decoration...pinky pinky...

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  33. So bright and cheerful! I still remember my 5th birthday party- Strawberry Shortcake themed. But it didn't look like this- this is gorgeous!!

  34. What a darling party! I loved Strawberry Shortcake. And yes, the vintage are so much cuter than the ones they came out with a few years ago. Birthday parties are so fun.
    You did an awesome job!

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