Thursday, November 4, 2010

"Kids Only" Fall Table

Hello! Just wanted to post real quickly with this super adorable "Kids Only" Fall table that my mother in law and I put together a few weeks ago for a
Fall Dinner Party that we hosted. 
This table was inspired by the Celebration Shoppe's Harvest Collection.
 I fell in love with the adorable scarecrow and the addition of the bright blue color to all the
traditional fall colors. This party only hosted 4 little ones so I didn't purchase the printables but they would have been PERFECT!

{FAVORS} Candy Corn Cupcakes in Mason Jars

{Details found at...} 
Wooden painted Scarecrow and Favor tags - created by my VERY talented mother in law.
Scarecrow Treat Bags- Lillian Vernon
Wheel barrel gummy holder, Candy corn shaped lolly and Table Fabric- JoAnn's Fabric
Circle candy corn lollipop, Popcorn balls, Red melamine plate, Mason Jars- Walmart
Acorn bowl- Michaels Craft Store
Tiered Stand and wooden wheel barrel- Thrift Store
Sippy cups- Kmart


  1. LOVE.....this personal little party, where can I find the scarecrow I just LOVE him???

  2. I love it! I'm debating a children's table this year too, we'll only have 3 kids, but any excuse really to do something like this!

  3. Nichcole, My mother in law painted the scarecrow herself!

  4. Lindsey, she is VERY VERY talented (saw that listed after I posted sorry)

    Would she be interested in making/selling me one? She did such a FANTASTIC job...would love to have onr for Thanksgiving.

  5. Oh so great! Perfect for little ones . . .and me?!

  6. This is just adorable. I REALLY love your style in everything you create.

  7. Thanks you so much everyone!
    Nichcole, email me and I will see if she is interested.

  8. Lindsey - this is the first I've seen of this! I love it and so glad my collection inspired you. I'd love to share your ideas this week on my blog!

  9. wonderful ideas!, you have a pretty blog.
    Congratulations (dadá flavors)

  10. Gorgeous! This table looked like so much fun, I bet the kids had a blast. I love, love the candy corn cupcake favors!

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  12. great looking party - love anything in a mason jar!

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  18. Wow!! How beautifully you have decorated the “Kids Only” fall table. I have so many summer party ideas. I am planning to organize a kid’s party coming summer season. Thanks for sharing this post dear!!

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  21. Wow, what an amazing Fall party! The atmosphere was electric, and the Music had everyone on their feet all night long. Truly unforgettable!

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