Wednesday, July 21, 2010

{Sweets Table} Down on the Farm

When I saw this sweets table styled by Sweets Indeed I couldn't stop looking at the photos!
There are SO many amazingly creative details... it is serious eye candy!

 The "Down on the Farm" party concept was created by Send in the Clowns Event Planning and what a great job they did executing this idea.

The very sweet and amazingly talented Marie of Sweets Indeed was brought onto this party for her super talents in creating perfectly detailed sweets tables.

Sweets Indeed did a phenomenal job taking the "Down on the Farm" theme and helping designing a general store and lemonade stand where the kids could use play money to fill their favor pails with yummy treats and old fashioned toys.
I bet the kids went crazy over this! 

The dessert table was filled with super creative items including homespun honey, “Moo Moo Milkdud” cartons, chicken and piggy cake pops, kettle corn, and tons of old
fashioned candy items. No single detail was left out... they thought of everything!

 These piggy and chickie cake pops from Sweet and Saucy Shop are almost to cute to eat!

The Lemonade stand is my favorite detail from this perfectly thought out party. 
What better way to quench your thirt then sipping lemonade from a these adorable mason jars? I also REALLY love the use of the berry baskets filled of gummy strawberries and fruit rings. I SO love pink and yellow together this season.


Photos are Courtesy of The Pixel Studio


  1. what an AMAZING sweets table-love all the little cute details!

  2. such a splendid party! lots of creative ideas!

  3. So much fun!! Thanks for posting this :)

  4. Love the piggy pops!! Fabulous details!

  5. OMG I cant stop looking either and can not tell you what my favorite thing is as I love it all!

  6. over the top fantastic! I love all the details!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  7. The details that were thought up for this table are incredible! So creative!

  8. Wow! Total eye candy! So "cute" AND beautiful!

  9. Thanks for featuring the party the SEND IN THE CLOWNS created, designed, and developed from start to finish. We brought in many vendors to participate in this event that we created exclusively for our client.

    We appreciate the efforts that all of our hand-picked vendors made to live out the vision that we set forth.

    Leesa Zelken, CEO (Children's Entertainment Organizer TM)
    SEND IN THE CLOWNS "Bravura kiddie party planning"
    ~Los Angeles Magazine

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